Owens & Minor Warehouse Leadperson in Hebron, Kentucky


1.Assigns job functions to teammates according to shipping and receiving schedules and operational demands.

2.Verifies materials loaded or unloaded against work order or bill of lading.

3.Directs Material Handlers or Distribution Coordinators to move materials or products to storage areas.

4.Trainsor ensures the training of new teammates or retrains existing teammates in job functions.

5.Studiesproduction schedules and estimates teammate-hour requirements for completion ofjob assignment.

6.Interpretsspecifications and job orders to teammates and assigns duties.

7.Establishesor adjusts work procedures to meet production schedules.

8.Recommendsmeasures to improve production methods, quality of product, and suggestschanges in working conditions to increase efficiency of the warehouse.

9.Analyzesand resolves work problems or assists teammates in solving work problems.

10.Initiates or suggests plans to motivate teammates to achievework goals.

11.Communicates with supervisors and or management team regardingpersonnel issues and day to day operations.

Category: Warehouse