Owens & Minor Production/Warehouse Trainer in Toano, Virginia


Delivers the required training for consistency of production methodology encompassing all aspects of training in the production processes to include new methodologies and best practices of the production process.Interacts directly with Process Engineering and Production Department personnel in all positions and on all shifts; interacts indirectly with other departments that impact the production process in order to help identify and solve problems.


1.Trains and monitors new methodologies and established "best practices" to ensure consistency in production processes.

2.Selects or develops training aids as needed such as training handbooks, demonstration samples, visual aids, etc.

3.Initiates the Production Department portion of the complaint investigation process and implements the corrective actions to include providing re-training to the corrective and preventive actions for those identified with quality errors.

4.Provides input for annual evaluations to the Production management team for Clean Room Assemblers.

5.Provides training of production processes to all new Production Department teammates.

6.Monitors the progress of new Production teammates through daily/weekly testing of the teammates' comprehension of the job:through follow-up observation sessions from a teammate's first day of employment through their first 90 days of employment and evaluations administered to newly hired teammates in 30, 60, and 90 day increments.


1.Performs additional duties as directed.



1.High School Diploma or GED is required

2.Two to five years of experience in a manufacturing environment required

3.Possession of certifications in training and/or leadership preferred


1.Must possess a proven ability to instruct individuals and groups in various learning techniques and an ability to obtain desired training results

2.Must be willing to complete training courses as deemed necessary by Process Engineering Department management

3.Solid knowledge of Current Good Manufacturing Practices

4.Works well in a team environment and independently

5.Demonstrates an ability to lead others

6.Adapts to changing environments and varying daily tasks easily

7.Demonstrates strong organization and time management skills

8.Learns job-related material through verbal instruction and observation, in an on-the-job setting, or through assigned reading and/or seminars

9.Has exceptional interpersonal skills and an ability to work cooperatively with people at all levels

10.Positively and effectively communicates process changes


Warehouse experience is preferred as this position will also assist with the onboarding/training of warehouse personnel.

Category: Warehouse